Kitchen Medicine: The Root of Health

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Preventative medicine starts in the kitchen with healing herbs and foods. In this class, we will discuss the medicinal benefits of common culinary herbs, many of which you (probably) have in your spice rack. We will also explore the digestive system as the root of health and/or dis-ease and ways in which to use food and herbs to help heal chronic and acute digestive issues. As a class, we will make traditional fire cider for participants to take home.

Taught by Christiane Wurmstedt
Fee: Sliding scale $30-50 (supplies included) For more information on our Sliding Scale, please visit our About Our Classes page.

Join us in this hands-on, foundational herbalist series incorporating practical medicine-making skills as well as exploring an in depth overview of working with plant medicine to promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle. These classes will inspire budding and blossoming herbalists alike to get their head, heart and hands into plants as medicine, to start creating their own apothecary at home. Each class will include a hands-on demonstration, where participants will make their own herbal product every time!  For more information about this class series see our Heart of Herbal Medicine Online 6-Class Series page.