Reading with Tessa

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A reading is an opportunity to receive clarity, acknowledge areas of needed change and growth, and to reaffirm your connection to the greater Web of Life. We are all held and guided by our Benevolent Ancestors and Guiding Spirits. Through those relationships we are able to elevate, grow, and step into our best lives and selves. Tessa utilizes tarot, Spanish playing cards, and intuitive guidance in her readings with the intention to illuminate, uplift, and encourage clients on their paths. Readings appointments are conducted via Skype and include recommendations for simple personal rituals to support you on your journey.

*Please note that these readings are not fortune telling sessions. They are centered on you and your experiences. Questions about the thoughts or inner feelings of non consenting third parties will not be addressed. 
Sessions are a half hour in duration. At the time of booking please provide an email address. You will be contacted within 24 hours with available appointment times. 
Light & Progress!
About Tessa:
Tessa, of Ritual Remedies & Mede Herbals, is a community herbalist, spiritual practitioner, and devotee of energetic well-being, cultivating and honoring boundaries, and assisting clients through plant medicine, spiritual guidance, and card reading sessions to elevate and move towards their best selves. She has been a student and practitioner of plant medicine, spirituality, and folk healing practices that bring people into better alignment with the natural world for half of her life.