About Us

A celebration of all things natural, Rosalie Apothecary specializes in Western medicinal herbs and extracts and offers a wide selection of culinary spices, salts and black, green, red and white teas. All of our herbs and teas are either organically grown or ethically wildcrafted and can be purchased by the ounce. Rosalie Apothecary also offers a growing assortment of high quality, affordably priced, organic essential oils, carrier oils, bulk shea and cocoa butters, local honey and beeswax, and other hard to find ingredients so that our customers can create their own herbal and beauty concoctions. Perhaps what truly sets Rosalie Apothecary apart is our curated selection of handmade, small production natural products such as soaps, gem and flower essences, smudges, syrups, balms and salves, bath salts, perfumes, etc. Many of our producers and suppliers are local or woman-owned, or both!

Healing is all-encompassing, a way of life. We believe that herbal medicine is good for maintenance as well as a viable option for acute and chronic illnesses and healing crises. We understand that healing can be more than any kind of physical medicine. We offer classes and consultations with trained clinical herbalists. We also offer astrology readings for emotional/spiritual guidance.

 Rosalie Apothecary is also a community hub for learning about herbal healing and natural health. We offer an extensive and increasing curriculum of classes and workshop series, many of which are rolling such as our hands-on, beginner herbalist course called The Heart of Herbal Medicine. Rosalie Apothecary also hosts donation-based, community events such as our monthly New Moon Women’s Circle. Please check out our Calendar page for class and event updates! We offer private classes.

Rosalie Apothecary believes that incorporating herbal medicine is part of maintaining a balanced life as well as a viable option for acute or chronic illnesses and healing crises. For those interested in working one-on-one with a clinical herbalist, we offer a variety of consultation options and packages. For more information, please visit our Consultation page.