Astrology For Yourself: A Workbook for Personal Transformation

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“Absolute novices who have discovered this book rave about its clarity, comprehensiveness, and above all, effectiveness. Astrology for Yourself introduces you to the language, art, and science of astrology by investigating the subject you know best-you. This book contains a unique, programmed learning text that walks you through a step by step series of simple exercises and journal entries so that by the time you’re done with the book you’ll have your own complete interpretation of your birth chart and you’ll understand why the astrological symbolism means what it means. Aside from providing a wealth of knowledge about your birth chart (and therefore yourself), Astrology for Yourself promotes personal growth and change in your life. By filling out the workbook you will gain one or more of the following benefits:


A basic understanding of your talents, abilities, and strengths, and how you can best express them in your life

An overall understanding of your life’s meaning and purpose

Insights into your life’s challenges and how you can transform them into opportunities

A deeper and more comprehensive understanding of a variety of important dimensions of your life including career and vocational needs, relationship needs, health, finances, child rearing, major life cycles and when they may occur and their deeper meaning

No matter what your level of astrological interest or experience, Astrology for Yourself offers an innovative approach to personal growth that promises to transform the quality of your life.”


DOUGLAS BLOCH and DEMETRA GEORGE are professional astrologers and teachers residing in Portland and Eugene, Oregon. In addition to also writing Asteroid Goddesses with Demtra, Douglas has written several books on psychology, healing, and spirituality, including Healing from Depression and Words that Heal the Blues. Demetra George is also the author of Mysteries of the Dark Moon and Finding Our Way Through the Dark. She is a professor at Kepler College.


Paperback, 254 pages.