African American Herbalism: A Practical Guide to Healing Plants and Folk Traditions by Lucretia VanDyke PRE-ORDER

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Discover the roots of modern-day herbal remedies, plant medicine, holistic rituals, natural recipes, and more that were created by African American herbal healers throughout history. 

This first-of-its-kind herbal guide takes you through the origins of herbal practices rooted in African American tradition—from Ancient Egypt and the African tropics to the Caribbean and the United States. Inside you’ll find the stories of herbal healers like Emma Dupree and Henrietta Jeffries, who made modern American herbalism what it is today. 

After rediscovering the forgotten legacies of these healers, 
African American Herbalism dives into the important contributions they made to the world of herbalism, including: 

  • Rituals for sacred bathing and skin care
  • Herbal tinctures, potions, and medicine 
  • Recipes for healing meals and soul food 
  • And more!


You’ll also find a comprehensive herbal guide to the most commonly used herbs—such as aloe, lavender, sage, sassafras, and more—alongside gorgeous botanical illustrations. 
African American Herbalism is the perfect guide for anyone wanting to explore the medicinal and healing properties of herbs.