Herbal Smudges

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The burning of herbs to clear energy is an ancient practice. In modern times, especially in America, most people use the term “smudging” to refer to burning White Sage to clear energy. In recent times there has been a resurgence of people reaching out to ancient ceremonies to makes sense of our modern lives. One of the ways this has manifested is by the popularization of certain spiritual practices that are culturally specific. White Sage is on the to watch list of many plant conservationists and we at Rosalie are happy to offer eco friendly and ancestrally appropriate alternatives!


Piñon is a type of Pine that grows in the Southwestern United States. The needles can be burned to clear out heavy energies. It is refreshing and crisp!

Rosemary, native to the Mediterranean, is an aromatic herb that has long associations with wise people who work with herbs. Rosemary is also great for clearing heavy energies. It is uplifting, clarifying, and protective!