The Smell of Rain on Dust

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“Here Martín Prechtel sends us an invitation to peace; to personal, village-level, and world peace. His indigenous wisdom gives us much-needed insights into the reverberating impact of not grieving our heart-rending losses. Most poignantly, he shows us the devastating inheritance of our ever more voracious wars and the misunderstood burden of ghosts that swirl around our modern warriors. Yet, instead of leaving us more despondent, every chapter holds out a new seed, breaking into new life. Martín coaxes us through funny and quirky turns of the ordinary and the miraculous to leave us inspired to wake up singing to the beauty of our rising sun and live in praise of this complex and gracious world.”

-INGE HINDEL, MD/PhD, doctor of integrative medicine, Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center, Oregon


Paperback, 170 pages