TAROT DYNAMICS: Unlock The Next Level Of Your Tarot Practice (6 Week Course)

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TAROT DYNAMICS: Unlock The Next Level of Your Tarot Practice (6 wks)
You may attend in person or zoom
Cost: Sliding-- $170 to $210

This course is designed for those somewhat familiar with Tarot and ready to add layers to their personal practice. You don’t need to be an adept reader but some background with Tarot will be helpful. Our focus will concentrate on Tarot Philosophy, the structure and logic of the Tarot world, and the alchemy of making medicine with narrative.
We will discuss the Major Arcana as broken down by ‘triads’ and use this opportunity to delve into astrology and numerology as we go along. Each participant will develop and share a personal narrative using the Tarot deck and receive guidance to successfully read for others. You will have all the support you need to succeed. This course will boost your state of mind and your general confidence.
Week 1 : We will discuss a possible history of the Tarot and go over some pertinent philosophies. We will spend our first three meetings in the company of the Major Arcana, discussing its astrological and numerological associations, plus learning to see it as a semi-chronological story with a framework that can be applied metaphorically and intuitively in your readings. Homework will be suggested during this first session that should take 45 minutes or an hour outside of class.
Week 2: We will begin sharing our homework (if desired!) and continue with our discussions from the first class. Philosophy, numerology, astrology, chronology, and introduce the concept of the ‘triads” which is a layer of connection within the major arcana that will serve the depth of your readings and Tarot musings.
Week 3: We will continue sharing our homework and finish our discussion of the Major Arcana. You will be given instructions for asking your birthday archetype to give you insight on the story of yourself (15 minutes outside of class to complete).
Week 4: We will share our insights from working with our Birthday archetypes and We open our discussion of the Minor Arcana with emphasis on the numerological groupings and finding real-world experiences to use as examples for creating an intuitive sense about this section of the deck.
Week 5: We will continue our discussion on the Minor Arcana and read for one another in an atmosphere of radical support and co-teaching.
Week 6: We will finish our discussion on the Minor Arcana and share our thoughts and questions on the experiences of reading for ourselves and others.
You will have complete support and every tool you need to succeed. Unconditional support is the key in this course and in the larger framework of community.
*This course CAN benefit beginners – it is just a drop in point to a non-linear artform. I will make sure that you are rolling along smoothly as we go.
*** we will make adjustments as needed to accommodate social distancing and/or changing protocols of modern-living.
Michelle Embree is a professional Tarot card reader and teacher. Her work is featured monthly in Antigravity Magazine in New Orleans and weekly on We The Hallowed. She is a writer and a performer of spellcraft and a podcaster. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Philosophy and a Master of Fine Arts in Writing. Learn more @ www.michellembree.com.