SpellCraft Class One: Gathering

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Class One: Gathering 
Taught by Maedea Ov Moon
sliding scale $30-50 per class
In person in our classroom space @ 607 N. Rendon St.
Tuesday, Dec 6th, 6:30-8:30pm

This class hones in on a process of gathering information by shifting into softened states and journeying into threads of ancestral rivers. Here we will gather information in the basket of our work to craft the intention of the spell. We will discuss the spheres of influence and be in practice with running and gating energy through our bodies, to charge, infuse and animate.  


Spells of healing, Spells of ushering in, Spells that kiss the crown of sweet horizons, Spells of liberation, Spells to re-enchant, Spells that chant in, Spells infused with desire, Magnetizing spells, Reparative spells. Sweet whispers, lips to ground, mutterers held in a belly deep winter, the hush of night, the rocking, the repetition, the hum of ancient grandmothers, the heartbeat of a stone. The song of nourishment, the song of rest, the song of strength. Running in your veins, is the poetry of senousous realms, infusing the spell in a orchestral collaboration. To be in Spell work is to be in the poetry of the living world. 

In this three part series, we delve into a syntactical framework of Spellcraft. To chant in, to create change, to be in collaboration with the vast rhizomatic network of ancestors, blood, bone, star, stone, fen and forest. To radiate influence, to shift into the sensuous knowing of the body and to weave strands of vitality in the living world. 

Through the course we will immerse in: 
Circle casting to hold intentional work 
Collaboration within the realm of Ancestors
Running energy, charging an object, 
The power of song and chant to infuse energy and magnetize spellcraft 
The art of gathering information 
The process of seeding intention 
The timing of letting go 
Poetic inspiration
States of reception 
Sensuality and expanded awareness 
Spheres of influence 

These classes are designed to be a mini-course that builds on each other but folks are also welcome to sign up for individual classes  

About MaeDea
Maedea is a neurodivergent artist, queer animist and ritualist infusing their life path with the energy of sex, death, art and queer liminal shapeshifting. Centered in anti-imperialist politic, MaeDea works with community and personal rituals to midwife transformation into our physical world. Erotic wellness, grief honoring, death and somatic care practices are at the core of their alchemical processes. MaeDea currently lives in Himarë, Albania and is slowly learning Gaelige and the Tosk dialect of the Albanian language.