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Shadow Work: Dark Symbols In Tarot (Tues)

Shadow Work: Dark Symbols In Tarot (Tues)

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Shadow Work: Dark Symbols In Tarot

(Note: this class is being offered on multiple days - this registration is for Tuesday, May 5th, 6-8pm CST.  Week of The Full Moon.)

Let’s get together to create two, six card, Tarot spreads created by Christine Ette that will guide us through unearthing our most difficult personal qualities and the experiences that may have made these a part of our personality and relationship style. These spreads and discussions are ideal for the full-moon. We will engage intimate discussions on the nature of human flaws, deep wounds, and the effective use of Tarot to understand both within ourselves. This is a safe space for our most vulnerable layers and the opportunity to grasp, shed, and grow. All will be protected and supported. The height of the full moon happens the night after this gathering, so you will have time to plan what you wish to shed and that which you wish to foment. No human life is perfect, but it is quite beautiful. Bring your Tarot deck, your notebook, and your deepest desires for freedom from the past.

$30; please register online at https://rosaliebotanicals.com/

This remote course is VERY LIMITED so reserve your space!

If you have questions please email: michelleembree1@gmail.com

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Michelle Embree is a professional Tarot card reader and teacher. Her Tarot work is featured monthly in Antigravity Magazine (www.antigravitymagazine.com). She is a writer and a performer of spellcraft (www.crushkit.bandcamp.com). She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Philosophy and a Masters of Fine Arts Degree in Writing. To learn more go to www.michelleembree.com.