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September Local Ferments Box

September Local Ferments Box

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Fresh, locally made, small-batch boxes by Succotash Ferments! This month's ferments box will feature a mix of kombucha flavors (turmeric lemon balm, blueberry lavender, spearmint lemongrass, and hops-lemon). Both options contain golden milk kefir with local, grass fed (and low-pasteurized) milk from Mauthe's Progress Milk Barn and sauerkraut! Option 1 boxes will also include kimchi as the seasonal vegetable!

**For a vegan option, we can sub 2 extra kombuchas for the milk kefir. Let us know when you sign up that you want a vegan box.

Please reserve and pay for your box by 4pm on Wednesday, September 16th. Pick-up will be on Friday, September 18th after 12pm.

Two box options are -
Option 1: $30 (+tax) box includes
- 4 12oz kombuchas
- 16oz (pint) sauerkraut 
- 16oz (pint) Golden Milk Kefir (w/ turmeric)
- 1 seasonal fermented veggie (hot sauce)

Option 2: $20 (+tax) box includes
- 2 12oz kombuchas
- 16oz (pint) sauerkraut
- 16oz (pint) Golden Milk Kefir (w/ turmeric)

* Please note a slight increase in box price.
Succotash Ferments makes fresh, unprocessed fermented products that are delicious and often sourced from seasonal produce as well as local, low-pasteurized grass-fed milk, and are full of nutrition and gut sustaining bacteria. In addition, utilizing the wild yeasts of our local environment for the fermentation process is actually the most beneficial to our digestive systems.

Once a dietary staple and necessity for food preservation, fermented foods fell out of fashion in our modern American flavor palette over the second half of the 20th century. Coupled with the over-prescription of antibiotics, over-use of antibiotic soaps and our overly sanitized lifestyles in general, many people experience digestive distress because our gut flora is totally out of balance. More and more studies are showing links between disrupted gut flora and depression, anxiety, skin conditions, auto-immune issues and much more. The best way to build our gut flora back up is through our food, like our ancestors did, and not a pill or supplement. Luckily, fermented foods are making a come back but many folks don't realize that the stuff we buy at the grocery store, even the high quality sauerkraut, yogurt, kefir, kombucha (the local brands too) are usually pasteurized (for shelf stability and mass distribution), which kills many of the probiotics, and often have added gums, fillers, sugars and artificial carbonation.