Rooted Protection For Equinox

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Rooted Protection for Equinox 
Learn the craft of protective and energizing circles

Led by MaeDea Ov Moon 
Thursday, March 30th, 6:30 - 8:30pm 
Sliding scale: $50-30

Spring Equinox invites us to move out of the liminal space of Imbolc and into the wild courage of spring. In this class, we will explore rooted ways to support our step into spring by creating magical space and protective containers. Working with the influence of elementals, we will engage in the art of circle casting and utilize Earth energy to clear, bless and protect spaces.  

Crafting energetic containers can be helpful for revitalizing personal space, creating energetic boundaries, and getting clear of energy that might not be yours to carry. A useful skill that all empaths should have in their repertoire of daily practices.

About MaeDea
Maedea is a neurodivergent artist, queer animist and ritualist infusing their life path with the energy of sex, death, art and queer liminal shapeshifting. Centered in anti-imperialist politic, MaeDea works with community and personal rituals to midwife transformation into our physical world. Erotic wellness, grief honoring, death and somatic care practices are at the core of their alchemical processes. MaeDea currently lives in Himarë, Albania and is slowly learning Gaelige and the Tosk dialect of the Albanian language.