One-Time Acute Visit

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Many customers come into Rosalie Apothecary seeking advice for their health concerns. In many cases we are able to give successful on-the-spot advice, but often we find that our customers have conditions and questions that are too complex to accurately understand or address in just the brief minutes we have together. After frequently observing this scenario, we have developed a more in-depth consultation scenario in order to more fully recognize the roots of their dis-ease in hopes to develop long-lasting results together.

We believe that each individual has the inherent capacity to heal themselves and we encourage all of our clients to take their health into their own hands as much as possible. We are not here to ‘heal’ anyone; we are simply healing mentors and partners in your healing journey. We are here to listen to the plants and people and help bring them together, while giving our clients new tools and a loving outside perspective.

The one-time Acute Visit is intended for clients whose health concerns cannot be adequately addressed in a busy, retail setting, but who do not feel the need for ongoing support. This is best suited for a temporary illness or injury, or for a regular customer who just needs some extra support.  We will do our best to guide you to the best products and protocols for your health concerns.