Nature Journaling

Nature Journaling

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This workshop focuses on deepening your personal connection to the natural world, and ultimately oneself, through the practice of keeping a nature journal.

Why keep a nature journal?
- Get connected to the world around you
- Increase your powers of observation
- Create a valuable document of useful information
- Give yourself an opportunity to be creative and let your imagination flow
- Spend quality time outside with your inner voice

In our session, we will touch upon the basics of the shapes and repeating patterns of Nature to help students personalize their practice and instill an understanding that we all have an innate ability to observe and then express what we see, in our own unique way. This elemental lesson will hopefully serve as an inspiring catalyst for continued observation, and will give to those who don’t consider themselves “artists” more creative confidence to be able to draw. Drawing of course is only one medium that makes this expression possible, and we will discuss the many ways to keep a journal. We will start the class with a lecture, touching on topics such as recognizing these shapes in nature, our materials in the field, basic scientific observation, resources for identifying species, exercises to spark questions or direction for your journal, Louisiana’s unique ecosystem, and will feature some inspiring artists and naturalists, especially women, who are known for this work. Time and weather permitting, we will talk a walk to the nearby Lafitte Greenway to put into practice some of what we have learned, and conclude with a group conversation about our observations, if you wish to share. A hand-made, paperback journal will be provided.

Sliding Scale: $25-40 (includes handmade journal); Please pre-register by calling us (504) 488-4425 or stopping by the shop. Thank you!

About the Instructor
Lauren Hémard has been working as an artist in her hometown New Orleans since she graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2006. In 2013 she became certified through the Louisiana Master Naturalist Program which furthered a deep understanding and appreciation of Louisiana’s unique ecology, as well as the skills to share this valuable knowledge with the community. Using her art background, she has created workshop programming that focuses on natural history through the practice of keeping nature journal, and she continues to share, with people of every age, new ways to look at the world around them. Over the years, she has been happy to have taught, worked with and/or volunteered for some wonderful local parks and organizations, including the Louisiana Master Naturalists, Northlake Nature Center, St. Charles Parish Library system, Longue Vue House and Gardens, Fairview Riverside State Park, SELA National Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center, and the Ogden Museum of Southern Art.

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