Living Plastic Free

Living Plastic Free

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It has become hard to ignore how ubiquitous and seemingly essential plastic is to our modern lives. From our cleaning products and food packaging to even our clothes, furniture and building materials, plastic is rampant. Most plastic is single-use, meaning we use it once and then throw it away or "recycle" it. Many people don't realize that only a staggering 9% of all the plastic we use in a year actually gets recycled or re-purposed. Most plastic goes straight to our landfills or worse, our oceans and the environment. Landfills not only leach chemicals into the ground and water supplies, but they are major producers of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas linked to climate change. Plastic also doesn't biodegrade, it only photodegrades, which means it just gets smaller and smaller until we can only see it microscopically, never leaving the environment.

So what can be done? In this class, facilitator Sarah Andert will talk about simple ways to use and re-use what we have, to reduce our plastic consumption and learn what resources are available in our local community to recycle more effectively. Participants will leave with a 30-day guide to getting started with just one step per day and a resource list for what to do with hard-to-recycle items in New Orleans.

Taught by Sarah Andert of Vintage Green Review

Sliding Scale $20-35; Please pre-register by calling us (504) 488-4425 or stopping by the shop. Thank you!

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