Kitchen Table Tarot

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Learn to read with your own voice and get the answers to all of your questions.

For years, Melissa Cyanova has been sitting down with friends and neighbors who are curious about the tarot. She’s heard all the questions and misconceptions that can confuse newcomers(and sometimes more experienced readers, too) Kitchen Table Tarot was written as a guide for anyone looking for no-nonsense lessons with a warm, friendly, and knowledgeable teacher. 
Join Melissa as she shares straightforward guidance on decks, spreads,  card meanings, and symbols. Filled with real-life examples and personal explanations of what it’s like to read the cards, this book tells it like it is and provides the information you need to read with confidence.”


When Melissa Cyanova was fourteen years old, a kid in her class gave her a deck of tarot cards for unknown reasons. She’s been reading ever since. In addition to being a prolific tarot reader, she teaches classes at her kitchen table and at tarot conferences. She lives near St. Louis, Missouri, and can be found online at


Paperback, 271 pages.