July Spiritual Hygiene Kit

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Energetic and spiritual hygiene are absolutely necessary in this day and age. While small rituals everyday are potent and helpful, sometimes we need to devote more time, energy, and attention to the state of our spiritual selves and our surroundings. These kits are lovingly crafted with herbal and spiritual elements to call about shifts in our energy. They are a sovereign remedy for trying times.

Each kit includes the following:

1 8fl oz bottle of a liquid spiritual bath formulated to be poured down the body after a shower to remove and wash away stagnant energy, harmful projections known in some cultures as the Evil Eye, and facilitate a release of discordant energies that do not belong on your journey with you.

1 tin of resin and herbal incense to be burned on a charcoal disk to facilitate clearing stagnant and disharmonious energies from your home.

1 charcoal disk to be used with the incense

1 anointed and blessed candle to burn after using the incense and taking your spiritual bath to open up pathways to blessings and what you are aiming to achieve.

These kits also include typed instructions to guide you in spiritually cleansing your home, yourself, and praying for what you seek to cultivate and call into your life. 

This offering is $47 in the spirit of not overcharging for the gift of spiritual & plant medicine.

Please place your order by end of day on Wednesday, July 7th. Curbside pick-up will be on Sunday, July 11th from 11-4pm. Please call the shop when you are nearby at (504) 488-4425. 


About the Creatrix:

Tessa, of Ritual Remedies & Mede Herbals, is a community herbalist, spiritual practitioner, and devotee of energetic well-being, cultivating and honoring boundaries, and assisting clients through plant medicine, spiritual guidance, and card reading sessions to elevate and move towards their best selves. She has been a student and practitioner of plant medicine, spirituality, and folk healing practices that bring people into better alignment with the natural world for half of her life.