HOHM Going Deeper Week One: Paths of Elimination

HOHM Going Deeper Week One: Paths of Elimination

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The first week of our long-awaited Advanced Class series will explore herbal allies for digestive, urinary, and skin health.  Building upon the foundational concepts introduced in our Beginner series, this Advanced class provides a deeper understanding of human anatomy and physiology, paths of prevention and wellness, and symptom management in the systems focused on this week. The advanced series focuses in deeply on specific herbal allies for the discussed body systems, and students will get to know a select few plants in depth. 

Building upon the basic understanding of medicinal preparations presented in the beginner series, we will explore methods of delivery and formulation more in-depth.  Each student will leave each class with an herbal preparation (tea blend, tincture, etc) designed in class to add to their home apothecary.


This advanced series is designed for the student who has already taken our Heart of Herbal Medicine Course, and enrollment is open for those who have taken all or most of those classes in the past.  If you have not previously studied with us at Rosalie but feel that you have an adequate foundation to enroll in our Advanced Series, please contact the shop at rosalieapothecary@gmail.com or (504) 488-4425 for approval before registering. Thank you!