Astrology & Tarot Readings with Cole Lopez

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 Astrology & Tarot Readings 
With Cole Lopez

Tuesday, May 30th
20 minute appointments available from 11:00am-6pm

The moment of our birth is imbued with celestial resonances. Each of the planets imprints on us their specific taste, look, and feel. We carry these archetypes along with us and access them upon unconscious command.  We are a symphony of these sounds all sculpting us exquisitely into individual form.

In the reading, we will bring to light the prominent energies that are at play and expose their radiant nature along with the shadow tendencies.

Cole will offer methods to break out of any stagnant holding patterns that are revealed in the natal chart through the use of plant medicine, movement, or any other remedy that comes through. 

The reading comes with a PDF of your natal chart.

"That which we do not bring to the conscious appears in our lives as fate." - Carl Jung


About Cole ~ Cole discovered her craft in New Orleans, where she was born and raised. Her highest calling is connecting people with their own innate healing.  Cole has a deep reverence for the sacred power of plant medicine and the divination arts, using these gifts to explore body and psyche in search of the highest evolution of the soul.  Cole works intimately with the Tarot and the cyclical nature of the cosmos to receive wisdom from the archetypes that breathe meaning into each of our lives.