Cruising the Quanta: Exercises for Intuitives

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In this workshop we will discuss the theory and practice of consulting intuitive matter and synchronistic occurrences as a basic part of our mind and body awareness. We will use individual contemplation and guided meditation to experiment with our capacity to follow the numinous, the quantum threads, that hold our stories and lives together. We will discuss the practical reasons for making a habit of intuitive mindfulness and how the interests and knowledge we already hold engages with our ‘drifting sense’, or intuition. This workshop is ideal for beginners in any form of divination or magical practice. You will NOT need a Tarot deck for this workshop. Bring a notebook.

Live remote workshop

Thursday, December 10th
6-8pm CST

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Michelle Embree is a professional Tarot card reader and teacher. Her Tarot work is featured monthly in She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Philosophy and a Masters of Fine Arts Degree in Writing. To learn more go to