April Local Ferments Box

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Fresh, locally made, small-batch boxes by Succotash Ferments & South of Eden! This month's ferments box will feature a mix of kombucha flavors (satsuma fennel,turmeric lemon balm, and spearmint lemongrass). Both options contain golden milk kefir with local, grass fed (and low-pasteurized) milk from Mauthe's Progress Milk Barn and sauerkraut! This month's Option 1 boxes will also have local lacto-fermented cauliflower w/ serrano and garlic!
**For a vegan option, we can sub 2 extra kombuchas for the milk kefir. 
Please order your box by 5pm on Wednesday, April 20th for pickup is Friday, April 22nd after 12pm.
Two box options are -
Option 1: $40 (+tax) box includes
- 4 12oz kombuchas
- 16oz (pint) sauerkraut 
- 16oz (pint) Golden Milk Kefir (w/ turmeric)
- 16oz (pint) of seasonal local fermented veggie (local cauliflower!)
Option 2: $25 (+tax) box includes
- 2 12oz kombuchas
- 16oz (pint) sauerkraut
- 16oz (pint) Golden Milk Kefir (w/ turmeric)
Full of nutrition and gut sustaining bacteria, Succotash Ferments and South of Eden make fresh, unprocessed fermented products that are delicious and often sourced from seasonal produce. In addition, utilizing the wild yeasts of our local environment for the fermentation process is actually the most beneficial to our digestive systems.