Ancestor Work

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Interested in working with spirits? You will find no group of spirits more dedicated to your well-being and progress than your own ancestors. In this workshop you will learn the theory and history behind ancestor veneration across cultures, discover why your ancestors are your spiritual "team" and first line of defense, and learn how to connect with them and set up a basic altar in their honor. We will also practice serving our ancestors together as part of preparing for ritual work. This workshop is suitable for practitioners from any spiritual tradition or level of practice.

Tuesday, December 15th, 6-8pm CST

Taught by J. Celeste Kee

Fee: Sliding scale $40-25 (For more information on our Sliding Scale, please visit our About Our Classes page.)

About the Instructor - J. Celeste Kee, Ph.D. is an artist, researcher and spiritual worker living in New Orleans. Possessing vision into the spirit world from an early age, Celeste’s spiritual training has taken her around the world to learn from various traditions, but her true ‘home’ is in the Acadian and African diaspora magical traditions of her ancestors. Celeste is initiated as a mambo in Haitian Vodou, and is also a certified Hatha Yoga instructor and Usui/Holy Fire Reiki master. In addition to teaching classes, she is available for private consultations by request.

Note: This is an online class - class will take place via Zoom.  More information, including Zoom link, will be provided by email a few days prior to class.