African American Home Remedies: A Practical Guide

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For a significant portion of the African American population, the use of home remedies and herbs was an important component of healthcare when they were denied access to health insurance and funding that would enable them to visit conventional health care practitioners. African American Home Remedies  utilizes information obtained from two studies conducted in affiliation with the University of Michigan to demonstrate the use of over one hundred home remedies and herbs and their relation to socio-demographic characteristics in the African American community. Information includes what the respondents used the remedies to treat, what the remedies had been used to treat in the past, clinical or scientific support for use of the remedies, and precautions and toxicities, if any, associated with the use of the remedies.” 

EDDIE L. BOYD was a faculty member for thirty years for the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy. While there, he implemented the teaching of the first nonprescription drug courses, the first course on herbal products, and the first community pharmacy clerkship program. Approximately one-half of the home remedies and herbs discussed in this publication were used by his family.


LESLIE A. SHIMP has been a professor of pharmacy at the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy for over thirty five years. SHIMP has advocated strongly for the education of pharmacists in herbal and complementary and alternative medicine(CAM) and continues to develop coursework on these topics.


Paperback, 141 pages.