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A Chorus Of Voices: Organizing Our Emotional Bodies (Tues)

A Chorus Of Voices: Organizing Our Emotional Bodies (Tues)

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A Chorus Of Voices: Organizing Our Emotional Bodies

(Note: this class is being offered on multiple days - this registration is for Tuesday, May 19th, 6-8pm CST.  Week of The New Moon.)

Let’s get together to discuss the living emotional bodies as they exist within each of us, the nature of traumatic memory, and the foundations of emotional development and healthy attachments. We will assign personal Tarot cards to our emotions so that we may learn more about what they have to tell us and how to honor and utilize each and every one of our very precious emotions. No emotion is an enemy when we are able to decipher its meaning, purpose, story, and ultimately its power to enhance who we are, how we live, and the relationships we form. Based on the teachings of Karla McLaren and adapted to use with a Tarot deck, this workshop is designed to create a meaningful language to communicate with the parts of our mind that only respond to symbols so we may understand our underlying emotional motivations and rescue confused fragments of self.

$30; please register online at https://rosaliebotanicals.com/

This remote workshop is VERY LIMITED so reserve your spot!

If you have questions please email: michelleembree1@gmail.com

Michelle Embree is a professional Tarot card reader and teacher. Her Tarot work is featured monthly in Antigravity Magazine (www.antigravitymagazine.com). She is a writer and a performer of spellcraft (www.crushkit.bandcamp.com). She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Philosophy and a Masters of Fine Arts Degree in Writing. To learn more go to www.michelleembree.com.