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Lunar Cycles

Lunar Cycles

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Join us for an evening under the almost full blue Moon in Taurus to learn about how the lunar phases form a framework that runs through all of astrology. In this seminar, we will explore each phase of the Moon, how it affects our energy levels and our daily lives, as well as how to work with lunar energy through the waxing and waning cycle. We will talk about the basic significance of the Moon through the signs as well as the Sun and the Moon in our natal charts, discussing how the lunar phase one is born under translates into a basic personality archetype. Please email your birth date, place, and time to rosalieapothecary@gmail.com upon registration.

Taught by Samira Bechara

Fee:  Sliding Scale $25-$40.  For more information on our Sliding Scale, please visit our About Our Classes page.

About the Instructor: Samira Bechara is a Lebanese-American astrologer, wine professional, and fundraising organizer based in New Orleans, LA. An early skeptic, she came into astrology in her early twenties, and after once having her chart read she immediately began her studies in earnest. She has studied with Kepler College, Erin Sullivan, the Faculty of Astrological Studies and more, and has attended and volunteered at conferences such as Northwest Astrological Conference, United Astrology Conference, and National Council for Geocosmic Research. She was a presenter at the 2018 Queer Astrology Conference in NYC, and teaches through TogetherWExpand as well as independently. She leans Archetypal, and has recently begun delving into the ancient practices of Mundane and Horary astrology. She currently serves as the Future President of the Association of Young Astrologers.

Note: This is an online class - class will take place via Zoom. More information, including Zoom link, will be provided upon registration.